Maxie - a celebration of a beloved dog

Photographing pets and their owners has always been a passion of mine. The relationships that we build with our beloved four-legged friends is so special and something to be treasured forever. They certainly become one of our family. So often, we attempt to hold memories with clarity in our mind’s eye … and for the extra special things we wish to remember, we take images.



Just over a year ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful dog Maxie, and her owners Terry and Bev. Maxie had caught the eye of my assistant and we invited Maxie to be one of our models to help us promote our new pet photography studio.




Maxie was a dear to work with. You could really tell how she adored Terry and she enjoyed showing off for the camera.






Last month, Maxie unfortunately passed away and this week we are celebrating her life in images. here are some words from Terry and Bev, Maxie's owners from Calypso Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs:


"Our first Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Gus (CH Snowy Mtn Fergus v Calypso), was a pick from a litter in Oregon.  He was a beautiful dog with a disposition that made him a great ambassador to the breed.  He was bred to a gorgeous imported girl named Emily (CH Emily von Entengas).  Out of that breeding we got the foundation for our breeding program, Maxie (CH Calypso’s Gusgal v Maxamillion).

Maxie was a beautiful girl that represented all of the qualities of structure and style that makes Swissies what they were meant to be. On top of that, she got her sire's temperament. Maxie had no enemies, neither man nor beast. She was affectionate to the point of being what we commonly refer to as a 'Velcro' dog. She expecially loved children and small dogs. She knew with whom she should be gentle, and with whom she could romp and play.

As a show dog, she won her Championship before the age of two and then went about establishing her legacy.  In two breedings she whelped 18 beautiful puppies.  She extended that fabulous temperament to each of her offspring.  They are now family members with owners from Connecticut to Oregon.  Six of her kids are either Champions or are major pointed, moving toward their titles.  Her beauty and charisma are widely known in the Swissies community.

But most of all, she was a beloved member of our family.  She was ever present in the household, affectionate, and kind to all who ventured into her presence.  She recently crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, the result of complications of bloat.  We know in our hearts that she now frolics with the other great dogs that have passed before, and that one day she will again greet us with the love that knows not time nor space.

We were blessed to have her, and we miss her greatly."

 Bev and Terry Brown


It's always a joy to see the relationships between dogs and their people ... we’re going to miss you Maxie.






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