Summer happenings at Avalon!

Summer's here once again. Have you ever seen Colorado looking so lush at this time of year? Wow, what weather we've been having! Great for the garden of course, but not so great when you're in the middle of an outdoor shoot and those big black clouds burst!

Busy times here at Avalon. Our new model program has just been launched and we are sifting through applications from 2010 Seniors. It's exciting to see all the enthusiasm out there, and really fun to work with our models, producing great shots they can show to their friends and family! I recently took Monique, one of our models, to Chatfield Park to do some shots by the water there. Her Mom and best friend joined us too so they got to be in some of the images. I just love this one of Monique - talk about capturing the essence of people!

Uniquely Monique!

We are getting some of our models together with their friends over the next few weeks to travel downtown Denver and get some cool night shots - can't wait!

Did you happen across an article in the Denver Post a couple of weeks ago about at-home pet euthanasia? The paper interviewed me last month for the article, which featured our own dear dog, Merlin, who passed away last year, and included a beautiful image of him. Here's the article in case you missed it. I'm very much an animal person - at present, I have five cats and a dog living with me and they all have the most wonderful inidividual personalities. It's good fun working here! My daughters obviously have it in their blood too as my youngest is currently studying to be an animal masseur, and my eldest has just adopted a lovely cat named Blackie.

Talking of my daughters - I think they definitely have my creative gene too. Just look at this picnic table they built in my back yard - I guess that's what they call high-altitude dining!

High altitiude dining!


If you're ever around town, do look in at Hero's P.e.t.s. Store on Bowles Ave and Hampden Hall in Englewood - I'm so pleased to tell you that these locations now are displaying some of my artwork. I also got a wonderful surprise last month when Santa Fe Photographic Workshops published one of my photos online and in their latest magazine.

What a month June has been so far - can't wait to see what July has in store!


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