Behind the image ... Blue Highway

Since the launch of my fine art website last month (, people have been asking me what inspires me to take certain images. Here's the story behind one of my favorite images, Blue Highway.




The Journey. Adventure. Exploring the unknown. Unlimited possibilities. This is what this image means to me.

When times get tough, I get in my car and drive. This accomplishes two things - escapism and a change of perspective. Yes, leaving the scene of chaos and drama brings relief and throws in a little fun as a bonus. It puts me back into joy. I realize I will have to return and deal with what I left behind, but the open road seems to open my mind to a different perspective. I am able to see the world and my life in a different way. One that helps me be a little more forgiving to myself. As the Angels say "You cannot make mistakes, you are on your wisdom journey."

So journey forth my friends, and be wise.

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