The Dog Days of Summer



Here are the dog days of summer. Those days when the afternoons are hot and the air is a little still, one is just not motivated to move quickly unless there is an emergency nearby. Here we are in the last days of July and summer is speeding past like a bullet train. 


Do you know where the term 'dog days of summer' comes from? Most of us would think that it refers to the lovely lazy way that dogs have about them when they get too hot during the long summer days. In fact (according to Wikipedia) the name comes from the ancient belief that Sirius, also called the Dog Star, was in such close proximity to the sun that it was responsible for the hot weather.


Whatever the origin, I can't pass up this opportunity to celebrate some of the wonderful dogs I've been lucky enough to take images of over the years!







 Aren't they wonderful? I have to give an honourable mention to Clover and Snoopy. These two pups and their owner Sarah came out to Clement Park in Littleton last month - they were so much fun to work with!






For those incredibly hot days when the swamp cooler helps but doesn’t quite cool you down enough, I pull out my blender. It's icy-cold smoothie time. I enjoy growing herbs in my garden and then challenging myself to use them in different ways. Here is my latest recipe:






Marie’s Mint Lemonade

Glass of water with lots and lots of ice

½ lemon juiced – add a bit of lemon zest for a different twist.

1-2 sprigs freshly picked mint and pull leafs off lower bottom of stem. (You can blend the top part of stem if it's soft enough.)

1 teaspoon honey

1 teaspoon true maple syrup*

* you may want to add more honey or syrup if you like your drinks sweeter.


Blend on high, pour it up, sit back and cool off from the inside out!


This time of  year I enjoy spending much time outside in early morning. Summer’s abundance is in bloom and I don’t want to miss a thing! In the early morning the birds are singing, the bees are buzzing and any stress I may feel just floats away. Here are a few flowers from my gardens and Hudson Gardens.





Have a great rest of the summer, and let me know what you think of my Mint Lemonade. Stay cool!





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