The Badlands - It's All Good!


Marie in The Badlands


Traveling to the Badlands of South Dakota is always a treat for me. Lots of wide open spaces that inspire my thoughts to expand.


This year it was a little reunion of photographers and models that got me back into this interesting land. I always stay at THE CIRCLE VIEW RANCH B &B when coming here. This is a wonderful place run by Philip and Amy Kruse that I can highly recommend staying at if you're in the area. Amy’s breakfasts are the best! A good hardy meal that will last you most of the day in this rough area. Amy raises chickens and has the best fresh eggs! Especially good to know since there are  no other “real” restaurants or diners in the area, unless of course you like pizza and beer which is found just down the road in Interior, SD, population 67.


Chickens                 The chicken coop



The rains have returned to the Badlands. It rained the first two days I was there. Lots and lots of mud! The few trees that are there were leafing out and the grasses were thick and lush and full of birds! The bird singing during the daylight hours is most amazing. Then at dusk, the frogs began their croaking and for about an hour you have this blend of birds singing with the frogs croaking. I recorded the sounds with my little voice recorder. Later at night, it's just the frogs.


The Badlands


During my outings we ran across bison. They just roam the countryside and they are huge! No fences. They sleep and graze next to the road. My friend Rochelle and I were nervous at first but the men just jumped out of the vehicle and started photographing. I cautiously opened my car door, on the opposite side of the road from the bison… shot over the car. They were quite calm and I was happy about that!


Bison    Bison


I love the landscapes here, so interesting. The colors this year were rich due to the rains - the different color soils, the rosy reds blending into golds which ran into the green grasses. Quite beautiful! I love the designs created. Notice the lady in the sand.


The lady in the sand


    Badlands                      Badlands


One day, as it rained all day we decided to drive down to the river just to see if it was worth any photos. Just before dark, it was still rainy and losing light, bsomething told me to go even though it looked like a bad light situation. After getting there, the sun popped under the clouds for about 5 minutes just before it set. This is one of my favorite shots of this amazing golden light traveling across the dandelions.



Show up and pay attention - beauty happens!


Thanks to Amy and Phillip for a great weekend!  Happy travels dear friends as you journey thru the summer.


 Marie walking through the Badlands




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