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Heart of the Goddess Spiritual Retreat

Ladies, let your soul sing! We invite you on a journey of self-discovery and a time of conscious renewal.

Indulge your inner Goddess in the healing waters of Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs & Spa in northern New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, during the Fall Equinox -- a time of balance and deeply personal inner reflection.

The Fall Equinox is a perfect time to slow down and begin going deeper within to attain greater wisdom into the mysteries of the Goddess.

Give yourself the luxury of time...time to feel the heartbeat of the land, time to listen to the voices in the wind, time to explore what makes you a unique part of our vast universe.

Join your hostesses, Amy Rohn, Marie Commiskey and Nancy Henderson as they lead you into the magical realms of self-discovery through the Mysteries of Egypt, Channeling, Sound Healing, Sacred Ritual, Numerology, and Self-portrait Photography.

Soak in the hot springs, schedule a massage or facial at the spa, enjoy a private healing session or a reading, walk the land that holds the secrets of alchemy and transformation and feel the power of the Goddess Within.


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Marie Commiskey's Heart Visions Workshops


Creating Beautiful Self Portraits
A one-day workshop for women

Coming soon ... email us at to register your interest!

Littleton/Denver, CO


How do you see yourself? Do you see your Spirit Self reflected anywhere?

This one-day workshop is for all women who would love a fun and creative day out in the open, and who want to learn how to tap into their creative side to express their true Self. No photographic knowledge is required and no special equipment is needed!

What will I learn?
You’ll learn how to create beautiful Sacred Self portraits of yourself that reflect your true feelings at that moment. Your self-esteem will love you for it!



What does the day involve?
•    Using self portraits as a way of adding to and enhancing your journaling practices  
•    Visualizing your Spirituality - how to add meditation and a few technical techniques to enhance the mood of your images
•    Using self portraits as a tool to improve self-love and build a strong self-esteem

Tell me more …
Are you always the one with the camera taking photos? Do you have any really great photos of yourself?

As a mother and photographer, I was always the one with the camera. Years ago, during my divorce, I realized that I have tons of images of my children, former husband and extended family, but hardly any of myself. I had my kids take a shot or two now and then, and while they are great, it never really conveyed how I saw myself .    

In 2001, I did a workshop with Joyce Tenneson, a great photographer from New York. I was so intrigued that she did self portraits often. That was it - an answer to creating that great portrait of myself! This began my journaling with self portaits.  

Now, every other month, I photograph myself. This practice has enhanced my art and photographing clients as well. It provides an environment to push my techinal knowledge using different lighting situations  and motion to enhance the mood of the image.

I’d love to share my knowledge and experience with other women. I hope you’ll join me for a fun, creative, and reflective day dedicated to your Self.

When and where is the workshop?
Coming soon ... email us at to register your interest!
10am until sunset
Littleton/Denver, CO

How much does it cost?
$95.00, payable to reserve your space.

What will I need?
•    Camera (nothing special, whatever you have already)
•    Tripod (if you have one – if not, it’ll be provided)
•    Box lunch
•    Notebook/journal and pen
•    Extra clothing choices
•    Shawls, wraps, fabrics, hats or other props – use your imagination!

How do I book?
To book or for more information, call me on 303.347.9944 or email me at


I look forward to hearing from you!


Photographing the art of people

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