Behind the image ... Celtic Cross

  • Published January 11th, 2012 by Marie Commiskey
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Celtic Cross by Marie Commiskey

Celtic Cross
The story behind another image currently on my new fine art website
In 2002 I took a journey to Ireland. I flew into Shannon in early February. The weather was wet, windy and quite brutal some days. I rented a car and headed out in search of a B&B to stay for a couple of nights to get my bearings and decide in which direction to travel. Upon waking one morning, I decided to drive north towards Sligo. There are many awesome sights to see on this route. I was most impressed with the cemeteries and little churchyards with their mighty cathedrals! Doing a bit of research I discovered that W.B. Yeats, one of my favorite poets, was buried in a Protestant churchyard in Drumcliffe, County Sligo. On this day it was dark, rainy and just all around gloomy. Perfect day to visit a cemetery! We found Yeats' gravestone and it read:
"Cast a cold Eye
On Life, on Death.
Horseman, pass by!"
This shot of the celtic cross was across the way from Yeats' gravestone. I found this image a much more pleasing sight.
What does this image say to you?
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Behind the image ... Blue Highway

Since the launch of my fine art website last month (, people have been asking me what inspires me to take certain images. Here's the story behind one of my favorite images, Blue Highway.




The Journey. Adventure. Exploring the unknown. Unlimited possibilities. This is what this image means to me.

When times get tough, I get in my car and drive. This accomplishes two things - escapism and a change of perspective. Yes, leaving the scene of chaos and drama brings relief and throws in a little fun as a bonus. It puts me back into joy. I realize I will have to return and deal with what I left behind, but the open road seems to open my mind to a different perspective. I am able to see the world and my life in a different way. One that helps me be a little more forgiving to myself. As the Angels say "You cannot make mistakes, you are on your wisdom journey."

So journey forth my friends, and be wise.

Which image on would you like to learn more about?






My new Fine Art website!

I'm so excited to show you my new website, which has been created to share imagery of the beauty that surrounds us all. I hope to inspire love, joy, peace and connectivity among people. All of my work shown is available for purchase.

Come on in and take a look around ... I'd love to know what you think!

 Marie's new fine art website

I also have a new exhibition in town, entitled 'Photographing Spirit of Place'. The exhibition takes us from the comforting familiarity of our everyday surroundings to the mystery and excitement of distant lands. Stepping a foot in a different place has its own spirit and its own gift to each and every soul. Sometimes it's just a matter of seeing a familiar place in a different light. Experience what the images say to you.

If you're in or near Littleton, drop by the Lone Tree Recreation Center, 10249 Ridgegate Circle, Lone Tree, CO 80124. The exhibition is there thru until Sunday Jan 1, 2012.


The Dog Days of Summer



Here are the dog days of summer. Those days when the afternoons are hot and the air is a little still, one is just not motivated to move quickly unless there is an emergency nearby. Here we are in the last days of July and summer is speeding past like a bullet train. 


Do you know where the term 'dog days of summer' comes from? Most of us would think that it refers to the lovely lazy way that dogs have about them when they get too hot during the long summer days. In fact (according to Wikipedia) the name comes from the ancient belief that Sirius, also called the Dog Star, was in such close proximity to the sun that it was responsible for the hot weather.


Whatever the origin, I can't pass up this opportunity to celebrate some of the wonderful dogs I've been lucky enough to take images of over the years!







 Aren't they wonderful? I have to give an honourable mention to Clover and Snoopy. These two pups and their owner Sarah came out to Clement Park in Littleton last month - they were so much fun to work with!






For those incredibly hot days when the swamp cooler helps but doesn’t quite cool you down enough, I pull out my blender. It's icy-cold smoothie time. I enjoy growing herbs in my garden and then challenging myself to use them in different ways. Here is my latest recipe:






Marie’s Mint Lemonade

Glass of water with lots and lots of ice

½ lemon juiced – add a bit of lemon zest for a different twist.

1-2 sprigs freshly picked mint and pull leafs off lower bottom of stem. (You can blend the top part of stem if it's soft enough.)

1 teaspoon honey

1 teaspoon true maple syrup*

* you may want to add more honey or syrup if you like your drinks sweeter.


Blend on high, pour it up, sit back and cool off from the inside out!


This time of  year I enjoy spending much time outside in early morning. Summer’s abundance is in bloom and I don’t want to miss a thing! In the early morning the birds are singing, the bees are buzzing and any stress I may feel just floats away. Here are a few flowers from my gardens and Hudson Gardens.





Have a great rest of the summer, and let me know what you think of my Mint Lemonade. Stay cool!





The Badlands - It's All Good!


Marie in The Badlands


Traveling to the Badlands of South Dakota is always a treat for me. Lots of wide open spaces that inspire my thoughts to expand.


This year it was a little reunion of photographers and models that got me back into this interesting land. I always stay at THE CIRCLE VIEW RANCH B &B when coming here. This is a wonderful place run by Philip and Amy Kruse that I can highly recommend staying at if you're in the area. Amy’s breakfasts are the best! A good hardy meal that will last you most of the day in this rough area. Amy raises chickens and has the best fresh eggs! Especially good to know since there are  no other “real” restaurants or diners in the area, unless of course you like pizza and beer which is found just down the road in Interior, SD, population 67.


Chickens                 The chicken coop



The rains have returned to the Badlands. It rained the first two days I was there. Lots and lots of mud! The few trees that are there were leafing out and the grasses were thick and lush and full of birds! The bird singing during the daylight hours is most amazing. Then at dusk, the frogs began their croaking and for about an hour you have this blend of birds singing with the frogs croaking. I recorded the sounds with my little voice recorder. Later at night, it's just the frogs.


The Badlands


During my outings we ran across bison. They just roam the countryside and they are huge! No fences. They sleep and graze next to the road. My friend Rochelle and I were nervous at first but the men just jumped out of the vehicle and started photographing. I cautiously opened my car door, on the opposite side of the road from the bison… shot over the car. They were quite calm and I was happy about that!


Bison    Bison


I love the landscapes here, so interesting. The colors this year were rich due to the rains - the different color soils, the rosy reds blending into golds which ran into the green grasses. Quite beautiful! I love the designs created. Notice the lady in the sand.


The lady in the sand


    Badlands                      Badlands


One day, as it rained all day we decided to drive down to the river just to see if it was worth any photos. Just before dark, it was still rainy and losing light, bsomething told me to go even though it looked like a bad light situation. After getting there, the sun popped under the clouds for about 5 minutes just before it set. This is one of my favorite shots of this amazing golden light traveling across the dandelions.



Show up and pay attention - beauty happens!


Thanks to Amy and Phillip for a great weekend!  Happy travels dear friends as you journey thru the summer.


 Marie walking through the Badlands




Essential oils with animals = essential fun!

  • Published June 7th, 2011 by Marie Commiskey
  • 1 Comment  We all like the scent and healing qualities of essential oils, but did you know that essential oils can be used to assist your animals with changes and health opportunities? For animals, the oils must be diluted and Frances at Frogworks can teach you all about this process.


Frogworks is a company that offers natural healing with plants and essential oils for both you and your animals. Last week, I had the opportunity to visit Frances. I was there to film her working with animals to create a video for use in one of her educational classes.



Marie filming Frances working with one of her horses



It was one of those beautiful early summer days, the perfect setting for filming near Roxborough State Park. We began by filming Frances in her studio mixing her oils and then working on her dogs, Oscar and Indie. Indie seemed to take an instant like to me and my video camera (she was a natural!), and then it was the turn of the cats.





Billy the cat                  Oscar the dog



After filming Frances working with her dogs and then her cats, we moved onto some of her horses. Well, you can just see from the images below how much fun Maynard was having … what a character!


Frances & Maynard                       Frances & Maynard


It was a great afternoon and so interesting to see the reaction of the animals to the different oils, and of course the interaction between Frances and her animals! To learn more, visit


The perfect environment to learn, relax and rejuvenate.




Photographing the art of four-leggeds


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Back in Colorado!

  • Published September 3rd, 2010 by Marie Commiskey
Dear friends,
After 12 months in the south, I am pleased to let you know that I have returned to Colorado and that Avalon Photography is back up and running!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has given me so much support and love over the last year. It was a wonderful opportunity to be in the south for an extended stay, and I truly treasured the time with my family and friends there.
Mississippi Lily
While I was away, one of my beloved cats sadly passed away. Aslan was an amazing pet and will be sorely missed. However, we do have two new additions to the family - our new kittens, Tigress and Moses!
We have exciting plans for the future of Avalon Photography, includng the expansion of my fine art photography, so do be on the lookout for further announcements later in the year.

We'd love to hear from you! Call us today on 303 347 9944 or email us at to book your family, high school senior, favorite pet, or professional headshot session.
Thank you again for your continued support. We look forward to hearing from you!
Mississippi Fern